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On 9/9/17 8:32 AM, Carol wrote:

I saw your ad in Natural Awakenings. I am interested in what you have to offer for very high nitrates and hard water.

Thank you

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Thanks for your inquiry about nitrates in your water and sharing you complaint of hard water.

First off, let’s establish this: Are you hooked up to municipal water or do you live on a well? And do you own your space or rent?

If you are internet savvy and feel like looking at Multi Pure Corporation’s website I would suggest this next. Or I can mail you a brochure with lists of all the chemicals this system takes out of the water and the testing riggers this system has repeatedly gone through. All its units leave the natural minerals in for your good health.

This being said, the water in Colorado is known for high mineral and metals and this is one reason I recommend this company, who I have represented since 1991. I honestly have tried to find a better system and for my needs this is perfect.

I have an under the counter unit in my garden level bathroom for my clients who see me at my office here. One like that in the kitchen, shower filters in both baths, a filter on my hose for my organic garden and a whole house system. So as you can see, I am a believer. I am even buying the travel unit to put in my motel rooms as I am traveling more now with my work.

Let me know a good time for us to talk or if you want me to mail you the brochure next or both. This unit is very reasonably priced for what it does and has excellent warranties and reputation.

Oh, regarding the hardness in the water, both my clients with either type of water coming into the home usually add a WATER SOFTENER
install at some point and are very happy with that. Multi Pure doesn’t specialize in that, however.



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