Happy Easter Nicole!

I have gotten the first full assessment done on you and 2 clearings.  Are you feeling it?  Shall I send photo to your phone for follow up?

We usually have a short check-in phone talk soon.  Then, when the entire first sheet of assessment and clearings is done, I MAIL IT TO YOU.

I don’t have your address anywhere that I can find, so please provide for me.

By the way the $350 you have paid to my Paypal account came through last week. So this amount covers 3 assessments and 21 clearings over a calendar year. Plus one and a half hours on the phone with me over the calendar year.

Every Tuesday morning at 6am I test everyone in the PEOPLE FILE and see who wants work that day. Wednesdays is the same process for animals and land.

By working in this way, I have discovered that we can test with the client on the phone and work on changing Soul Contracts with any of the dark things that just don’t belong there any more. This is in ADDITION to the testings and clearing I am doing through out the calendar year.

There are early check-ins, as I am working through a worksheet with the client’s full birthday, full name at birth and location and current full name, mailing address, email, preferred phone. Client may be receiving a gift from a loved-one or paying for it themselves.

Pre-payment is required due to the challenges surrounding this type of work, as you might imagine.

At that point, what is INCLUDED IN YOUR COST is a 30 minute phone consult going over every detail I see important and answering your questions.  I test while we are discussing these things and give you life pointers on how to protect yourself and be more PRO-ACTIVE, with this particularly if it is a SOUL CONTRACT you have made before entering this Life.

Then, we start all over again on Sheet #2!

Remember you will be in the HUMAN’S ACTIVE FILE, for a calendar year from your intake.

The list of what is removed or permanently changed includes the following:

Possessions, Obsessions, Entities, Curses, Hexes, Psychic Attacks, Vows to the Dark side in a previous lifetime, Wolf Packs (being angry at something or someone that has never been released)

Arch Demons, Demons of Addiction, Negative objects in their possession, and Negative Energies in their home.

We activate the clients Helping Spirits to help such as the Ascended Masters (Jesus, Buddha, and the like), Angels (such as Arch Angel Michael and the group) and Ancestor Spirits (such as real Grandparents who have passed on) and Guides from other lifetimes with some.

In conclusion, you will get mailed to you a list of exercises/meditations/prayers to comfort you. Then over a calendar year, 3 sheets with a grand total of 21 clearings.

I have NEVER had a dissatisfied customer. In fact a few times the ‘miracles’ were so significant, that the client sent me a gracious bonus.

Write down any questions and we will go over them.

I am looking forward to working with you, particularly with your extremely challenging job working in a prison as a counselor.

Many Blessings!  Karen

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