Hi Tony!

I love to hear all that you are doing for the Shamanic community and congrats!  It makes me feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ that you are this busy and well.

I am in the time of my life with all my mentors and teachers passed on (thankfully with the exception for Sandra).  I am preparing to rise to “the occasion” of being a leader in my field with the Earth Acupuncture Llc work I have been teaching since 1995.  The “elder” thing, I guess.

Since I know how this work can help people with 5G coming and fracking going on all over our country, I am searching out areas where I want to have apprentices working to help with the Earth work we do.

I wonder if you happen to think of anyone who may be interested in hosting me at their home or clinic to teach my workshop which enables home owners to go home and ‘cure’ their own home after the weekend with the take home kit I provide them.

I am aware since I have been a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration that the nuclear plants all over the North East are being abandoned by the corporations who own them.  It isn’t being regulated in the current administration in our country so they are not sealed and secured from melt-downs.

My mentor, Slim Spurling, (Internationally known Geobiologist)  before he passed away told me to my face the EXACT SPOT where the last big EARTHQUAKE was going to happen in California.  He knew because he taught and worked with people all along the Andres Fault in California in order to “’move the EARTHQUAKE out into the desert where it wouldn’t kill so many people’” is exactly what he said.

I feel the urgency about a few places in this country that I want to try and help before I die.  I was born in Albany and spent much of the vacation time with my family in the Adirondacks, Nantucket and grew up outside of Pittsburgh.

If you have any contacts or ideas at all please pass them over as I want a ‘hub’ over.  I see the need there with the weather etc. also to consider and Climate Change.

Thanks in advance. And, also, if you don’t want to just say so.  I respect you very much and realize how we all are aging and time is so very precious.

Wishing you the best of Blessings!

Lighting Love, Loving Light©, Karen

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