Old Family Friend asks me about my Cell Provider (09/08/20)


Don’t fall out of your chair, but I am with Xfinity/COMCAST….I have my internet, my home office phone, and my cell carrier and WIFI, obviously.

I have asked them NOT TO UPGRADE ME from 3G until absolutely necessary.  I am super sensitive to radiation and Wifi.

This is one reason why I have been a member in the Society for Scientific Exploration these past 6 years.  The other is that they may have me present my research someday with the DOWSING & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE. I also have my own science mentor/coach who is helping me put my research into a format before we get too much older.  I am 70 and she is 68.  She is a contractor right now with the FDA.  She has won “Science Woman of the Year” in 2016, I recall.

My Dad would have his say about my work as he was a scientist/inventor.  Regardless, I know he would be proud of me.  

And Mom had to move out here after that nurse ripped her off for $20K while she was still in her home. She told the nursing staff where she was living near me, that I put crystals and gems on her and it made her feel so peaceful.  This was a huge breakthrough for Mom and me and at 96 she passed right here 12 miles from my home.

Many of my inquiries for the ‘Earth Energy Acupuncture ™’ are from others who feel 5G has not had enough research done to validate how the human being will handle the amount of radiation that 5G is suggested to put out into our environment.

I have clients who fear the new 5G towers they see popping up near their homes.

Also, I have followed the European countries as they have opted OUT from 5G, as have I at this time.

So, there is my feeling.  I know this is all about “how fast our internet can get” and how rich these companies can get with their newest technologies.

My Tv is with Direct TV who now is owned by AT&T, or they are some subsidiary of some sort. Good luck!  Karen

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