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As many of you already know, I began working with Slim Spurling in 1991 after he helped “heal” me from a serious car incident.  I was working with him and an experiential subject from the very beginning of his invention of his tools.


In early 2000’s these tools and installing the copper clad L-Rods we use were tested by the Federal government to create a TENSOR FIELD.  To make it easier for clients (and not make ‘false claims’ as it is not ethical for a Minister/Energy worker), I simply call the Tensor a “relaxing, safe bubble”.

There are many discussions in depth on my BLOG of what I am now referring to as Earth-Energy-Acupuncture (T)  and the Light Life Tools®.

I own quite a bit of the tools and if you are close to Lafayette in Colorado, I can bring them over and show you and demonstrate what I use.

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