Questions about Installing EARTH ACUPUNCTURE L-RODS (07/13/20)

Hi Karen,
Hope you are enjoying summertime. Sounds like Colorado has been toasty. We are having a weeklong heat wave here with 104 today. Grateful for a/c and a comfortable home.
I’m getting ready to install the copper rods. As you probably remember, I have a set of the Egyptian rods to install plus the other bent rods to put in the ground. Originally, I was going to recreate what I did at my house in Boulder where I installed the bent rods in the ground around the property line and installed the Egyptian rods in the garage.  In reading the instructions for the Egyptian rods, It seems like I could use them for the whole house, not just the garage.  Do you think that is best? If so, do I still need to do the rods around the property too? 
Thanks much, Liz


What I’m thinking is that I could install the Egyptian rods around the whole house and then extend the grid to cover the rest of the back yard by putting the other rods in along the back part of the yard.  Does that seem like a good plan?
Thanks, Liz



One set of Egyptian rods can no longer do an entire house.  They can’t possibly do the job with 5G coming.  They can go in the master bedroom, your home office or room you hang out in. We are also testing to add sets!

And they can’t work if you DON’T OWN a Personal Harmonizer which goes on sale now for 25% off for 48 hours.

You are going to need to put the rods in the ground!  Absolutely.  You can dowse and mark and teach a neighborhood kid to put in with you supervising every pair…

Make sense?   Karen

Hi Karen,
Thanks for clarifying all of that. I do have a personal harmonizer already. I need to find the cd to play. I think I’ll install the Egyptian rods in the master suite section of the house which is right below my upstairs office/creative space so hopefully that will impact both spaces. I suppose I could also install them upstairs and they would impact the lower level space as well. Can you please remind me of the best way to use the harmonizer? 
Having to dowse and install the rods in the ground is super important for me right now as I continue to hone my sensing skills and to work directly with this land. Lots of hands in the dirt these days. I’m not surprised that I need to do all of that especially here in northern California where the land is such a major part of everything (including my original family and growing up) and there is such a need for transformation. This area feels stuck in the 90s – ready to burst forth but needing a push and some confidence. 
Thank you Karen. Such important work. Liz

MY RESPONSE: Now the mp3 is available of the ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARING on your computer if you do not have CD player and don’t want to mess with it. Katharina had worked with scientists in Belgium and Germany to test this to help with the 5G in addition to all the usual stressors. You will set your Personal Harmonizer near or on your computer while running it.

This configuration measured 3 miles, 360 degrees away from site.

Liz if you get any ideas or meet anyone I should be in touch with in Northern California I pay a referral fee if contact develops into business. Your state needs more help!

Let me know…

Love and Light! Karen

JULY 17, 2020

Hi Karen,
For installing the copper rods into the ground, I’m a little intimidated by the hard soil here (clay and rocks) so I’ve been avoiding the project. With a little guidance from you, I can find the easiest way to move forward. Once I find a location that needs rods, can you confirm the steps please based on what I listed here?
1. Dig down six inches

 2. place the two rods so they cross and form the rectangle between them

3. secure the tail ends of each rod in the dirt so it doesn’t pop out of the ground

4. replace soil

Liz, Hi…

I will try to work you in tomorrow.  It will take me pulling pictures off my sites for you and typing up instruction for clay/rock environment.

I don’t see any pictures of your site in my stuff so that will help if you take pictures of all 4 sides of the home on your phone and I can blow them up on my computer from my phone.  

Please stand 25’ away from the foundation to shoot the ground up to and including each outside wall.  Garage included if attached to house.

I will have to charge you a little something for this.

I hope this works.  I am back home from business travel up to the mountains.  Lining up trainings in the Vail valley and Leadville, and Woodland Park, CO.

Let me know if you aren’t able to get the photos and I have another idea.

People are seeing the necessity for DOWSING & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, CREATING SACRED SPACE… more and more…. as it was projected by my mentor Slim Spurling while he was alive.


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