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Hi Karen- 

Thanks for getting back to me! Yes, I am glad to get your newsletter! Thanks… 

 I would love to be on your list for your next workshop! I live on a small farm (yes, own it) in the county west of Niwot. I grow grass hay and have a few horses. 

 It’s very near Table Mountain. I have raised bees for several years and have had much difficulty getting them through the winter. Thus, I have located hives in several different locations on the land. I’m interested in trying to find out best spot energetically to locate the apiary.  

 When I lived in Carbondale we had someone come out and dowse for water.  I’ve always been intrigued  and enamored with the concept.  That was over 25 years ago. 

 Thanks for returning my email! I will sign up for your next workshop.  look forward to meeting you this spring!



WOW!  Thanks for your interest Sabrina!

My newsletter goes out 6 times a year now.  Do you want me to put you on the list?  I will send you the one today and you can let me know.

Where do you live?

I am planning now for one on a small organic farm in Boulder county for April and one for a home outside Ward, CO in June.  They are in person and safe with pandemic protocols.  In fact, this is a ‘necessary service’ in the pandemic for people to learn how to do their own homes.

Do you own a home?  

More information in my closing BELOW…

My dowsing training is mostly about the land and the proven negative stress lines that influence EVERYTHING on the land and how to remove them, scientifically proven.

  However, you will learn how to use rods and a pendulum.  Your own body!  Will show you things you may not ever have seen the simplicity of how DOWSING is as much of life as living.

My Spirituality with the land is innate.  I am very blessed yet cursed, if you will allow me,  as I have had to expand my visions about our MOTHER EARTH so as not to fall victim to incredible grief as to what humans chasing $ has done.  I am a gentle warrior.

  1. OK, did you get Jan/Feb newletter?
  2. I will add you to the list.
  3. Let’s meet and I can come out and test…somewhere in my media a winter special is going on!

Dowsing?  As the herds, followed the birds and the hunter/gatherers followed both?  They were dowsing.  Following Earth lines, perhaps Ley Lines to stay alive.


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