Referral From PSYCHIC HORIZONS 11/26/19

Hiya Karen, 
I have now stumbled upon your information twice in the last six months. I think I first found you when I was visiting Cottonwood Hotsprings in Buena Vista. I believe it was you that had some info in one of their books in the room I was staying. I then was talking with a friend yesterday about Astrocartogaphy and the location I’m at not being the best given my birth chart. We were talking about finding a way to correct that and just put it out there that I find a way to do that. I then went to a birthday celebration at Psychic Horizons Center, which is a school I’ve attended since 2010 and Seth Shimkonis was there and was talking about a workshop he attended yesterday and mentioned you. I knew I had heard your name before, so he gave me your card, and here I am contacting you. 
I also do Shamanic work and have since 2007. I am a super empath and so am extremely sensitive. I’m wondering what we might be able to do to help with my current location (where I am living) in Lafayette. 
What are the options and what are your costs? 
Many blessings,Katherine 

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