REGISTER NOW! Dowsing & Earth Acupuncture Training! Fraser, Colorado, Last weekend of SEPTEMBER 2020

Hi Sheri,

This will act as a legally binding contract for us to work from:

  1. I will initiate and get the pdf done for the workshop and get to you as soon as I have it in printable and email format.
  2. The home is 2717 sq ft.  Your fee for getting your home done by me and an apprentice is $1358.50 for the home installation plus $285 for 10 lbs of prepared L-rods to do the home. I will provide any rods needed above the 10 lbs.      TOTAL:  $1643.50.  $500 deposit due now by credit card or check.
  3. 3 Grids will be done on the home:  Geopathic coming into property on all 4 sides, Hartmann stress coming in from the South and the West, and Personal stress for all occupants including pets on all 4 sides.
  4. You get to take the workshop for free and all materials such as book, pendulum etc. that other people get, you personally will walk away with.
  5. You will be guaranteed to have your home completely done before we leave the area at the time of the workshop and you will receive a color drawing of the home and where we installed.  You are responsible for providing us with an 8 ½ x 11 FLOORPLAN of the main floor to work from.
  6. You will receive $50 credit off your bill for each participant you recruit.  In the case of a couple living together who pay me $750 you will get $75 credit.
  7. As you are taking the workshop, you will be considered to enter my Apprenticeship program, where apprentices pay me an entry fee of $500 and then $150/month for expenses for the business.  I do a tremendous amount of free education and articles, besides maintaining Newsletters and Website.  This is due only during the months of the year where we may work and install in your area.  Front Range is April 1-Nov. 15 each year.
  8. You as a contracted Apprentice will be paid between $20-$50 an hour while working with me on properties to get your training from me.
  9. If you bring a client to the table who I am contracting for an installation, you will be paid when they pay me in full a 6% Bonus in addition for a Referral Fee.  And of course you will get paid to work on this property as well.

I hope this makes sense.  Please contact me with any questions.  I can pay for lunches if the workshop fills up.  You, me and my Apprentice are included in the 8 for September.

If we get started registering soon, I may start sending materials like the book and training manual up for you to get people going!  

I am thrilled to work with you as it is a dream of mine to help every inch of Colorado before I leave the Planet…the entire country, really.

You may have people look at previous workshop descriptions in the meantime.  Your workshop will cost $550 to individuals and $750 to 2 people living together, as I said.  We will make a date for severe weather or fire if needed to reschedule the following weekend from our date.


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