Hello Colorado Crew!

I started my career in clinical mental health at the age of 23 in the largest mental hospital in the state of Pa. Within 6 months of my testing in the civil exams in the top ten, I was employed there in the Chaplain’s office. Within the next 6 months, the director of the largest hospital in Pa. was put in Federal prison for life and I had to leave the state….to Colorado. My father called in the FBI when I told him what I was experiencing and what I “psychically saw”. They planted folks up there and it was even worse than I ever really needed to know. Sex trade of patients and more. A Friday night watching 20/20 on TV!

I have been clearing properties, people, businesses and even sacred sites since childhood….When I met Slim Spurling and Sandra Ingerman, I was known nationally as a map dowser and “ghost buster”. So, please include me on your list as I still help folks get off of traditional medications and on them, with their healing team. We all know it is much more than that…yet, when dealing with the entire family unit, as I do, we sometimes need to grow together for the one who is hurting the most.

Shamanism was my private spiritual practice …never for the public. Now, I do as the Helping Spirits guide me. I refer folks out to Psychiatrists who are practicing “shamans” with no problem, when necessary. As I also refer to those of you who I know are ‘specialists’ in your own areas of healing.

It would be fun to have a pot luck again and share our current personal and professional feelings on this subject. I am open to having a pot luck here at my home in Lafayette before it gets too hot! As my lovely patio is south, south west facing….the grass is on the north side and we may sit there as well.

Much moisture and sunshine to you all! Thank you, Weather Spirits! Karen

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