Researched my notes…

So, all I have is “a husband and wife team making Slim’s tools in their garage”? The person who said it to me, I can not find who it is….so, perhaps it IS employees of IX-EL.

We can only hope, as I talked over and over to Slim about a patent. My Father, Bill, had come up with the metal mix to MAKE METAL RECYCLABLE. That is one of the reasons Slim stuck by me…he knew I came from a metal, or alchemist, family….he also knew I was adopted, and now am saving up pennies to get my DNA test done. (per Brooke Medicine Eagle! The government of this country is paying OFF dna! BUCKS FOR DNA …what tribes?) Well, since I just had to pay $3100 I borrowed from an Ancestor to pay a loan on the home I am still in the process of selling….

My point is here, that I MAY HAVE MISHEARD, or? the words….

Please forgive me. I was mistakenly in fear of losing my own home. For now, it is saved! An interestingly, heart-opening story ensues.

At this point, I rarely use Bill’s name in any of my articles, only my talks. It is now 22 years! That MATH, I can do!

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