OK, LO, here we go!

I am available for December 23-31st for overnight care of 6-8 pigs, a large dog and a cat.  Due to the time of year, I will allow 24 hours on either side of this appointment time for YOUR travel changes due to weather.

I also water house plants, bring in mail and bring my own food.

If you go to my website, you will see the diversity in my life.

I have lived in Boulder County since 1975 and started my private practice as a volunteer at the Humane Society.  Why is this important?  I got to be known first in the public eye as a “pet psychic”.

I have been trained in Linda Tellington’s , Level one, work on animals.  She got married and last I heard was still working at the San Diego Zoo.  The work allows me to apply my hands in the gentle manner she is known for with such maneuvers named the raccoon touch, etc.  These descriptions are used to describe the way my hand looks as I move down the sides and legs of the animal client.

I have a fabulous 1995 MITSUBISHI MONTERO, with a newer engine and old fashioned 4-wheel drive.  I have gotten out of deep sand and deep snow, in this vehicle!

I am turning 70 in 2020, and have limps, sometimes, and can not do heavy lifting  over 20 pounds.  I was a state champion swimmer and a pre-Olympic diver to go to Mexico in the 1972 Olympics to dive the cliffs there.  I never got my medal due to a “incident”.

Any questions before our delightful interview?

Go ahead and lay it on me!

Lighting Love, Loving Light©,


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