Response to Questions About HOSTING a DOWSING & EARTH ACUPUNCTURE WORKSHOP out of state

Barbara I do remember you!  We chatted at a meal!  
What fun it would be to come to your area as I graduated from Western College for Women in 1972 in Oxford, OH and haven’t been back since!
What I usually have to do is work out the details and contract with the host.  I will look to see if there is a LIGHT-LIFE® Tools distributor there who could help us fill a workshop.  Also if there is a branch of the Dowser’s Society there.  Licensed Acupuncturists and alternative health providers LOVE this work!
I see you got my recent newsletter and there is an example of a flier for the training on there.  The reason I charge $450 per person is that the host usually serves us snacks, drinks and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.  
Even more importantly, I ship or fly in with materials listed on the flier so most of the folks can go home and complete the ‘curing’ of their own home after the workshop.  I have a very high percentage rate for this!  And I usually stay a few days in the area to help out.  If folks have taken the workshop, I charge them 2/3 of what I usually charge to oversee the install at their homes.  And am really fair about all this as I know how so many homes require this work for research I am nationally known for, for 25 years with 2 men who were leaders in the field.  They are Slim Spurling and Bill Reid and there is extensive information on the internet on Slim as he studied Tesla and with Drunvulo Melchezidec, the creator of the Flower of Life movement.
Now with a contracted apprentice with me, such as Cynthia, we may have to adjust costs, but I am also willing and able then, to take 10 students and maybe more if I get her up to speed beforehand by flying in a day earlier.
When we have 8-10 students, I pay for my flight and rental car.  You pay for the motel room and I pay my own meals. (I belong to a travel club and am not terribly fussy and will get deals)  You pay for the room the night before the workshop through Monday night after the workshop, and I pay any additional days.
You pay a little over my costs for all the prepared rods that are going in the ground all around your home, due to shipping them over there, etc.  Depending on the size of the home, it is usually around $200.
When I do a home in the mountains in Colorado, I get $1.50 to $2.00 per square feet of living space including attached garage.  Commercial/Industrial is always $2.00 per sq feet or if we have to do a different method, called the Egyptian Method, I get $150/an hour and the client pays for the apprentice who gets $50/hour to install.
So, you see, because of the conditions, prices of installations may vary.  When we are in a million dollar grass lawn that is watered regularly the installation is usually easy unless there is a lot of elaborate landscaping or challenging conditions with a lot of rock.
We install on all 4 sides of the home, about 20 feet out from the foundation.  The federal government came out and tested that the TENSOR FIELD full of SCALAR WAVES may go down into the ground 75 feet and up and away from the home up to 150 feet AWAY. 
This is an experimental field that has been known about since Ancient China 5000 years ago.  The lines we are mitigating were called “Dragon lines” and you were never to build a home on top of them.
This work, works!  I have lost only 2 fourth-stage cancer patients since 1991 who had this work done on their property and I do conscious death work!  In fact, I have focused my dowsing abilities on health issues for children and adults and have  2 Phds ready to supervise a SLEEP STUDY for ADULTS with EARTH ACUPUNCTURE, that they have designed and written.
I will send you an older newsletter that shows the drawing and explantation of the removal of all the lines around a house!  
My website is loaded with information!  
I look forward to exploring this with you further!  Thank you for you interest!  Also, if you get me your mailing address I can get out some articles to you that have been published.


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