Sarah Braat’s Earth Acupuncture Report

Hi Karen- Please see the attached drawing.  I tested the house with the Egyptian Rods installed and found lots of lines!  I also found several areas that could be portals/vortexes/etc.  I tested each with my pendulum and wrote down what I think they are.  Please let me know what you think!  My house was built on an old streambed. I’ve had the Egyptian rods in place since January 2015.  I felt a change this past spring (2016) with the snow runoff and have suspected the Egyptian rods were not doing the trick.

Since testing my house today, I have taken down the Egyptian rods.  I will test the house again tomorrow and make another drawing to reflect any changes I find.  I hope to install some rods in the ground this weekend.

Please let me know what you think when you have time!  I’d love to send you these original drawings to use towards the apprenticeship requirements.  I also intend to finish the other drawings I owe you very soon.

I do hope you are feeling better!  I look forward to catching up soon.

Sarah Braat 
 Sage Healing Arts     
Qigong Healing and Instruction, Therapeutic Massage          


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