Other Services

Long Distance Clearings

Long Distance Clearing is a process of clearing, aligning, healing and protecting your aura, chakras, etheric bodies, and soul with the assistance of Masters, Teachers, Guides and Angels. This does not require the person’s physical presence or that Karen even meet or speak with the person directly. This can also be helpful for properties including commercial, industrial or residential properties. If your house is on the market and you’re having trouble making the sale, this can really give you a boost! It makes a blessed gift for friends and loved ones anytime. Guaranteed for 1 year. Please feel free to request more information about this powerful healing work.

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Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture for Home and Office

Earth Acupuncture uses both ancient and modern means to locate and reduce or eliminate the effects of naturally occurring stress zones in the home and workplace which can affect physical health as well as mental and emotional equilibrium. Earth Acupuncture is very much like the meridian balancing used by chiropractors and acupuncturists to bring relief of various symptoms. It is a way of modifying the subtle energy environment so that the individual’s natural balance can be re-established. Click here for additional information.

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Additional Services and Shamanic Practices:

  • Soul Retrieval & Long Distance Soul Retrieval
  • Pulsor Polarity Vortex Balancing
  • Etheric Clearing & Spirit Mending
  • Energy Balancing & Aromatherapy
  • Remote Healings & Past Life Resolution
  • Crystal Layouts

Please feel free to request more information about any of Karen’s shamanic work.

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