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Shamanic DrummingSomething Old, Something New: What Is Shamanism?

by Karen Rice King

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices, dating back tens of thousands of years, predating the established religions of today. The word Shaman comes from Siberia and means both “spiritual healer” and “to see.” Shamans, both male and female, enter alternate states of consciousness at will in order to access healing energy, knowledge and guidance for themselves and their community. Shamans also lead groups with dance, creation of art forms and storytelling.

Many books on shamanism use the expression “direct revelation,” which also expresses how a Mother Superior or a Minister accesses the supernatural realms, full of mysterious energies and spiritual wisdom. The Shaman interacts directly with Teachers, Power Animals, and Helping Spirits in order to facilitate a resolution for clients, particularly with the spiritual aspects of illness and trauma… More

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BEYOND SPIRIT JOURNEY: Advanced Training in Shamanism

Ancient healers were shamans, medicine men and women who used ceremonies and drumming to “journey” from the world of the seen to the unseen, in order to bring back healing and initiations to their tribes.

As one of Sandra Ingerman’s recognized teachers of Core Shamanism, Karen Rice King will offer 8 weekend sessions throughout the year on Death & Dying, Extraction and Healing with Spiritual Light, Soul Retrieval, and Medicine for the Earth. Students will participate in the roles of both facilitator and client, practicing the ancient ways of working with those in need of healing and understanding around each of these areas.

King explains, “The course will also utilize up-to-date methods and ideas to help students integrate this material into their own lives, from creating sacred space to transforming personal and environmental toxins. Crafts will be included with special ceremonies and plenty of time in nature.”

Having taught all types of classes since the mid-1970s, King has adapted shamanic material for our modern culture, with particular attention for use with family and friends as well as professional applications. Those who may benefit from this training are nurses, counselors, caretakers and therapists, as well as laypersons. Participants must have taken beginning journey classes from Karen or other qualified teachers.

Medicine for the Earth

by Karen Rice King

In the midst of global turmoil, there is a way for us to find our center and bring balance back into our lives, healing both ourselves and Mother Earth. Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins… more

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