When I contacted Karen about petsitting my 14 year old cat companion, Trixie, I was new to the state, and had not been able to find a suitable pet sitter whom I trusted and I had a trip coming up soon! I felt anxious and worried I wouldn’t be able to get someone in time.  But I had faith that the Universe would deliver!  

Trixie being an older cat, has some issues around her diet, her vitamins and other non-existent things that one needs to watch for. This meant I needed someone who could give medicine, and be in tune enough to watch for any ‘weird old cat’ things (like yakking too much ;-)

When I interviewed Karen, it was immediate apparent that she was overqualified! Not only is she a seasoned pet owner and animal lover, she is an intuitive whom Trixie took to right away! And Trixie knows. ;-)  I knew I could trust Karen with Trixie and with staying in my home for a week. 

Karen is kind, attentive, and earnest. She made sure she knew all the ins and outs of my pet/home sitting – she came over and spent time getting to know Trixie and her daily routines.  

I really appreciate that Karen is mature and wise. I could totally trust her with any emergency that may come up. 

What surprised me about working with Karen is that she was great about sending photos of Trixie which allowed me to completely NOT worry and enjoy my time away! 

Now I have a pet sitter!  And someone I trust and a friend! I really enjoy Karen and would recommend her to anyone who needs a competent, wise and reliable pet/home sitter. 

All my best, Lee

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