Sept. 25, 2019

To whom it may concern,

We recommend Karen Rice King wholeheartedly for housesitting. I have known Karen for a decade, at least.

She took care of our house, garden, fish, and feline 4 years ago while we traveled.

It was a relief to be out of the country and know that everything at home was in good hands.

Our cat was especially happy to have someone around to pet him, sit by the fire with him and try to brush him!

He is an inside/outside cat.  Where we live there can be no CAT DOOR.

He had hiding places, but Karen manually had to let him in and out every day.

We live a few miles outside Gunnison going north to Crested Butte, CO.

She kept in contact while we were away, and kept us apprised of anything she felt important.

If you’d like more information, please give your email to Karen@KarenRiceKing.com  and we will contact you.


Barb & Chris Haas


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