Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture

I have had Karen’s help on three homes and have taken her class. I have had great success with the homes and I love how they feel after she has done her work. All three homes have been unique, making the quest for a buyer more challenging. Why I contact Karen, and my reason for a testimonial, is that she is fair in pricing and will continue to help with whatever it takes. She truly believes in her work and has always been truthful with my requests for help and what she encounters.

LCR, Executive Boulder, CO

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture

My life has sure been different since my home and property were treated 360 degrees last May 2011 by Karen and the first class [which I sponsored at my place in the southern Catskills]. The slugs were ineffective; the ants disappeared; the grapes had no rust; the tomatoes and potatoes were blight-free (so far); the mold in the basement was greatly reduced; I have felt better despite many challenges; early signs of arthritis in my hips and knees have disappeared; and generally there is a feeling of well-being in my home which is felt upon entering, before any Spirits are summoned. I sustained NO damage from [Hurricane] Irene – although many neighbors and community friends are still dealing with problems and flooding and downed trees.

Cynthia Crisp, Jeffersonville, NY

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture

These are the most powerful and effective methods for bringing energy into healthy balance that I have encountered in all my years of teaching and sponsoring phenomenal practitioners and teachers of energy and healing work. If you have not learned these methods, this is the time to study with one of the world’s best instructors. Karen Rice King studied under the direct tutelage of Slim Spurling, the legendary Dowser, and she brings his work to life in synergy with her own masterful genius in this fascinating workshop filled with hands-on learning.

– Yasha Jampolsky, FourPillarsHoroscope.com

Spirit Journey Workshop

The journeying session with Karen was one of the most powerful events in my life. She opened my mind to new strengths, visualizations, and mediations that have helped enhance my life. I have a wonderful life with family, friends and career, which is in Western medicine and biology, and I have helped discover some of the biochemical effects of light on healing. Karen is helping me explore deeper in this world, and I hope Karen and I can help each other discover new boundaries and merge together some of our knowledge and teachings.

Vivian K. Dullien, Ph.D., Boulder, Colorado

Earth Acupuncture Egyptian Kit

I put up the copper cubit rods in the 4 corners of my office (and home) from kits I purchased from Karen. And since their installation I have been more grounded, more guided in general, and having the deepest, longest sleep I have experienced in years. I suspect the energy field created by the Egyptian rods has enhanced all that I have shared [about working with the crystal], but I cannot say for sure how working with the crystal would be different without the rods.

C.C., New York, NY

Dearest Karen葉hank you for the extraordinary journey session the other day. I feel like a significant and monstrous thing has been neutralized. I am always and forever grateful for you in my life. Thank you for everything.

CM, Boulder, CO

TESTIMONIAL in reply to a producer with the Oprah TV Network…..

I do have a really good recommendation… Karen Rice King, who lives outside of Boulder, Colorado, is a master dowser and diagnostician of land, and anything on it. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, a dowser, and is very familiar with crystals and stones, as well as being an energy medicine person. She is really good at what she does and I can talk about it in many different ways and levels. She is the person I refer both local & distant clients to if they need further diagnostic information as well as applied reliable solutions, and she travels to New Mexico to see clients. Thank you for contacting me and good luck with the movie/segment.

H.Q., Sante Fe, New Mexico

Thank you, Karen, for your work on clearing our property. Our condo had been listed for sale for the last 2 summers. This year, after you did a long distance clearing and we put in the Egyptian rods, we had a contract in less than a month. We are continuing to do clearings on the home where we live as well as using the Egyptian rods. What a blessing to have found you and this work to help us all live in a better space. Thanks. We highly recommend your services.

M.H., Boulder, CO

I’m honored to have known Karen for more than two years, and consider her to be an exceptional and powerful healer with an innate ability to tap into any number of healing modalities to benefit individual clients. She is truly warm and caring with an intuition that is sharp and precise. Her products and services have helped provide me with more balance and vitality. These include Earth Acupuncture, hand-made gem elixirs, and a soul retrieval session that I found to be quite magical and healing. I also called upon Karen’s long-distance clearing services for an urgent situation involving somewhere dear to me, which I’m happy to say resulted in very positive results. It’s great to be able to trust Karen’s intuition in knowing exactly which “tools” to use at just the right time to help bring life back into balance.

S.W., Boulder, CO

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with renowned dowser, Karen Rice King. She discussed the damaging effects of negative energies at Steamboat Springs, caused by the high concentration of geothermic hot springs, mineral content, and ever-growing construction of electrical power lines. We had Karen dowse our property and place special copper Egyptian rods around our house to rid us of these stressful energies. For the past 3 nights, I have slept more soundly than ever! My back pain has dissipated and my productivity seems to have doubled!

A.J., Steamboat Springs, CO

I met Karen Rice King, who lives near Boulder and worked with Slim Spurling, who “certified” her to instruct and apprentice others on the use of the tools, dowsing and the Egyptian rods. Karen is a very warm person, experienced, and has worked with many clients in the energy balancing of their homes and offices.

Across the street from our home is an electrical transformer that we can hear humming when we step outside. We set up Slim Spurling’s harmonizer and I pointed the Acuvac Coil at the transformer. I also put the staples 90 degrees to the transformer line. Immediately, we could feel the difference. The pendulum is now reading 100% clear.

I have put up the Egyptian Rods I got from Karen around our house, and both my wife and I can attest that they have made the house “lighter.” Even our dog is responding positively. I have never seen him happier and more playful, plus he is sleeping so well. These tools take the edge off any energies that are emotionally or environmentally stressful. In this day and age, with all of the stress, who needs any more? Thank you Karen!

Love, S.B., Boulder, CO

I’ve known Karen King for more than 7 years, and have worked with her on many dowsing projects in her Earth Acupuncture Apprenticeship program. There is a remarkable feeling of clarity and peacefulness on properties that have been dowsed, and afterwards the owners often report improvement in their health issues. I have attended Karen’s Spirit Journey workshop and have experienced a Soul Retrieval session, so I know first-hand her expertise in shamanism and traveling to the spirit realms for help and guidance. Karen has done beneficial long distance clearings on members of my family, and I highly recommend her services.

Beth Kuper, Lafayette, CO

Dear Karen, it’s hard to put into words all you have shared and taught us. All I know is that I have been deeply moved.

Much love, S.O., Boulder, CO

When I first started coming to see Karen, my life seemed impossible to handle. I was going through a traumatic divorce, with no income and four children. I was under so much stress that I began losing weight at an unhealthy rate. I was constantly on edge and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This was not only harming me but causing my children tons of problems.

Karen began clearing my negative energy before I ever went to see her and I started seeing huge differences in my life. I then made an appointment to meet with her, and it was the spiritual experience I had ever had. Karen was able to give me insight to things I felt unable to handle. She prepared me emotionally, and physically to turn my life in another direction. She gave me the tools and the confidence that I had been missing.

I now have a job that I love and am able to support my family and myself in a way that has brought so much happiness into all of our lives. I am no longer a victim of circumstance but in control of my life and what goes on around me. Karen’s energy work and spiritual connection has been a true inspiration and I am so thankful for everything that she has done for me.


Karen has been a life saver to me. She returned me to myself; she set me free.

When I met Karen, I had just turned 31. I was going through an extremely painful romantic break up. I had recently quit a dead end job. I was searching for an occupation with some meaning for me, yet I had no idea what direction to go. I was miserable, depressed and feeling genuinely hopeless!

After just one session with Karen I was sold! Within three days I felt DRAMATICALLY different. I found myself hopeful again and even smiling. Within a week I was thinking of the future again, making plans for what I might do next.

I went to Karen for about four more sessions in as many months. By that time I was enrolled in he University of Colorado in a Master’s degree program for Education. I was feeling great, motivated, strong, and positive. I continued to work with Karen approximately every six to eight weeks to keep up the work we had done and to continue to improve my emotional and mental well-being.

A year later my mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. This was a crushing blow for me. I had never lost anyone before and I could never have imagined how terribly difficult it was going to be to lose her. I was the only one to do the care-taking. In addition, the medication that my mother took made her very hateful, angry and caused her to hallucinate. I thought I would never make it through!

Yet Karen was right there! She came to the house and later the hospice facility. She provided counseling, friendship, and emotional and spiritual support. She was able to heal me of enough pain each time I went to her, to give me the strength to support my mother. I know that I could not have done it without Karen’s help and not just the help during that time, but the diligent work she had done for me previously to create the emotional stability to handle such a catastrophic event.

I have now completed my student teaching and class work and I am looking for a job in a career that I feel passionate about. I feel strong and confident and I know that I am emotionally healthy now. I am ready to pursue romantic relationships again and I know that I will be successful with that aspect of my life too.

The work that Karen performs is the work of angels. I thank God on a regular basis to this day for bringing her into my life. Her work defies definition with mere words. She can act as a psychologist, physical healer, spiritual healer, psychic guide, counselor, friend and so much more.

I would advise anyone having difficulties of any type, whether they be small or large, to consult with Karen. I would also suggest to those who feel that one or two treatments is enough, that you can never foresee what the future holds. It is imperative for your well-being to keep up the work Karen and you do together. You may only need to see her a few times a year, but it is so very worth your time to continue to prosper in your life. You should be prepared to get the best that life has to offer. Love yourself enough to live well!


Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture for Home and Office
What’s in it for you?

I had a listing in Wheat Ridge that was taking a long time to sell. It was part of an estate and just wasn’t moving. All of the other listings in the neighborhood sold even though my listingwas the best value for the price. There was nothing wrong esthetically. It had new carpet, fresh paint, etc. so there was no reason that it shouldn’t move. I was banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out how to move it. It had been on the market about 10 months whein I finally called Karen. She came out to the property and put rods in the ground and then did a few long distance clearings. Within a month we had a cash offer, close to asking price. The deal went extremely smoothly. That was the first cash offer I’d ever had on the listing. I wish I had calledn Karen sooner.

Then I had another listing in Aurora and it was on that needed to move quickly because the sellers were under contract on another home and it was contingent on theirs selling. We listed it way below market value and I though that would do it. the house was immaculate and it was in a desirable part of town. It sat for a month and then I called Karen. Once she did her “magic” on it, it got an offer right away. Unfortunately we could not come to agreement on price so it fell through. She then did a long distance clearing on it and we got a cash offer on this one as well. Amazing!

I’ve been selling real estate for 4 years and I do about 30 transactions a year, so these are amazing results. The only two deals that Karen helped me with brought my first two cash offers. It might sound like voodoo to some, and I myself don’t really understand how it works, but I believe it does and thr results I’ve gotten speak for themselves. I would recommend using Karen King for all of your listings.

H.S., Realtor – Denver, Colorado

I tried both the Long Distance Clearing on one property, then the Egyptian method on the second. Both properties were under contract very soon after that.

Karen was very helpful. She even taught be about dowsing and I watched her do the Egyptian Method. Very interesting! I’ve like it so much that I’ve had her do 7 more properties, some of which are not even for sale. I’ve now referred a friend to Karen as well.

R.Y., Rolfer/Real Estate Investor – Boulder, Colorado

When I contacted you about my house in early spring of 2003, it had been on and off the market for two years.

It was in the million-plus price category, in an exclusive enclave of 28 houses, on a private reservoir. Despite more than 60 showings during that time period to pre-qualified parties I had not received an offer of any kind.

Within 1 month of retaining your services, I received an acceptable offer and closed in April of 2003. You provided me with ongoing updates and familiarized me with your process. I firmly believe that your assessment of the property and positive energy input was instrumental in the successful sale of my house.

D.F, Owner of Employment Agency – Seal Beach, California


Please feel free to request more information about any of Karen’s work.

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