Thinking About HOSTING A Training and Becoming an APPRENTICE? (05/11/19)

Hey good morning!  I know you have been busy with your Mom here, but I had to get this done even though you and I had not sat down and gone through all the details. 

So, please let me know the earliest time we can go over the details of the workshop and I will get a contract typed up.

In fact, let me tell you some of your options:

  1. Most hosts want to serve lunch.  If you don’t we can order out and you and I will split the cost of their lunches as it is built into the workshop cost.
  2. We talked about capping the participants to 6 people.  On Sunday, my Apprentice Seth is coming as an Add-on to help me and on Saturday, Deborah is coming to assist me. Also, we may have to allow 8 people as my students from Oklahoma may bring their 31 yr. old grandson and his child who is 11 (so they can learn to hammer rods in for my students).
  3. Part of the reason why HOSTS WANT TO HOST, is they get their property done for ½ off normal pricing, so 50 cents per square feet of living space including attached garage.  If County Assessor’s office says it is 1400 SQ FT, then you will owe me $700 total for the weekend. This way all the rods used to complete your property are included.

4.  In other words, my Apprentice stays and we work together to make sure your townhome is completely cleared of 3 grids of negativity: The Geopathic, the Hartmann and the Personal.  It is tricky with a townhome as there are other units involved. I of coarse have done many townhomes over 28 years so will guarantee this work and you will get a drawing of the installation for you files on the home.

  1. As you are considering the Apprenticeship Program, I will see how you are as a participant in the workshop and take it from there.  You as the HOST take the workshop for free.  You will receive all the materials in the take home kit except the EGYPTIAN KIT and the 10lb bundle of rods, as we supply the rods to do YOUR HOME as part of your payment.
  2. After the workshop, you and I will decide if you will enter APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM and work on your individual contract.  I will be sending you the current contract and addendum for your consideration in the meantime.

So, this will act as a contract…please let me know as soon as I can come over and see the property and your unit and garage and we can make any necessary changes here that are necessary.

I am really excited to work with you further and I want to thank you so much for your hosting and for considering the program!


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