I am curious as a cat in “hell” as the ancient tales be told.

Keep your notes up! For your later reflection.

Seen my blog lately?

Go to HOME PAGE AND CLICK THE W for wordpress……….an entire dialogue and SOUL RETRIEVAL?

(remember, if you can not sleep; 1st check in with ALL the helping Spirits! ARE YOU HERE FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD? If NOT, BE GONE.)

Bill, we always wrestle with our demons, from Past Lives, yet more importantly, right now, this LIFE, as it is.

OUR ‘DEMONS’ are the negative polarity, in the COMPLETE SYSTEM. Polarity is simply this. YOU and I have worked on a couple of properties together now.


I know our biggest learning is with your home.

Can’t wait to have you test my home!

See you soon! And hug Mindi for me! So, her name is not MANDY?

( between Karen Rice King and William Montag, ( 2012-2013.)

I am “located” at 2345 N. Springwood Ct. / Lafayette, Co. 80026
On 1/5/13 3:15 PM, "" <> wrote:

I don’t know where you are located .

as far as the phone time you should pick the time .

I am available all this afternoon and you’re probably all day tomorrow if that’s convenient .

Mindy has enough seaweed pills I think to last through the week so I will just pick them up instead of shipping them

Bill Montag
W.B. Montag Radon Services LLC
W.B. Montag
Home Improvement & Repair Co.


Keeping the ring in the corner where this dark energy stays has done the trick. It is obvious when my computer doesn’t turn itself off. This is no coincidence.

Looks like I will take a little time off towards the end of this week possibly the weekend. I will bring your tools down to you. What is your schedule looking like? I’m thinking maybe Friday or Saturday.

I am thinking that I may need a soul retrieval. This is probably why the dark energy has chosen to attach itself to me. I first met you at your lecture about soul retrieval but you did not really elaborate on what the procedure involves in detail.

I would be interested in the details and how much this would cost me.

Thank you.


Bill Montag
W. B. Montag Home Improvement & Repair Co.
W. B. Montag Home Radon Services LLC <>

Karen Rice King, BA
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister
PO Box 785
Louisville, CO 80027

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