I feel the importance of the transfigured energy and “how to express it” afterwards. THANKS TO ALL in my GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS NETWORK for the great ideas. My last group who went through a 2 year residential program with me, (set up like Sandy’s but with varied material) really enjoyed doing some breathing exercises after the singing, dancing and chanting. And because it was a small group we did talk among ourselves about the vibration/frequency and how we may direct it into our lives more effectively.

As far as the decrees go, I have them say them through one of Slim’s copper 1 cubit Plain Jane ring. The follow up results have been even more intense and my students, who have all been well-seasoned alternative practitioners see an ease and empowering factor from this. Just an idea and a very inexpensive way to amp it all up.

The silver and gold rings were designed for the more spiritual work, but as a high frequency community, I have noticed that with OUR INTENTION, the copper works just fine.

We also worked with the transfigured energy toward “our home and family” as well as our larger communities and for those who have a “job” instead of a heart filled career, we direct the energy to the transmutation of whatever they are guided to in a healing manner.

I guess after running an employment agency for a few years, I see the dysfunction in our main stream work area. And with 2012, I see the collapse of systems that are no longer able to bear the rising frequencies that we and Mother Earth are ready to exude. So, this idea is to aid in all these transitions as well as the World’s peace and economic areas.

Best to all! HAPPY NEW MOON and eclipse!!! Karen

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