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Deborah and Sofia, I have paid in full for a space after hours of research and referrals to get us a place to stay in Fraser, CO for this upcoming workshop.

I have to tell you before calling the Host, that I am going to try and buy TRAVEL INSURANCE tomorrow for myself.  With the fires today?  I need to make sure I can get my money back or some of it.  $460 for 3 night and 2 people….the fine print?  I will also need to talk to the property managers about ADDING ANOTHER PERSON.

I pride myself in the experience every student gets and the energy to teach this material is way beyond botany or anatomy.  We are working with the meridians of our Planet!  We are allowing the primary meridians or Ley Lines to flow without interruption.  This is monumental.

I request that the 3 of us sit down in person and talk about this adventure sooner than later.

I signed a contract with the property managers that only 2 people would be in that unit.  It took me 6 hours to weed through the booking of a mountain property with covid-19….

I will be speaking with the Host tomorrow as well and explain the challenges I went through.  Just in case they do not understand the risks and the investment I have made to go up there and show them what may move some big energies in a positive way, for the them and their families.

I owned a condo up in Granby.  I contacted all these realtors up there.  I did pro bono work on large buildings and on small buildings all by myself, with a friend carrying the rods and helping me.  Schools, one restaurant and the entire INN AT SILVERCREEK.  The largest building ever.

I map dowsed where to buy property for my own and where I may work from and rent out.  

Now…it is paying off because our Host went to Psychic Horizons in Boulder to hear Deborah fill in for me presenting my research.

So, let’s figure all this out ASAP.  xokrk


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