Dear Readers,

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog. I am honored and excited to share with you my musings, experiences, and expertise about my life work. 2011 marks my 20-year anniversary in private practice. As a Master Dowser, Intuitive, Shamanic practitioner, and teacher, (I’ve been called practitioner’s practitioner), I’m here to help heal and elevate our well-being for the earth and humanity serving other healers through teaching.

I have studied and taught internationally and I’ve worked with the most exceptional people—I’d like to offer my teachings and findings to you.

Whether you would like to schedule a session for aura balancing, Spirit Journey, or set up a time when I can come visit your home to assess it for Stress Geomancy through Dowsing, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me Please take a look at my upcoming events below and call me with any questions!

Light and Love,
Karen Rice King

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. This HEAVY rain may be a sign. Shall we drown? Or ask for guidance? Where may this downFALLgo? Ask your Inner Guidance….
    Ask permission for the balance! Perhaps, balance is only within US ALL. And our environment will finally find balance as we are.

  2. Spending the very last moments of the HARVEST full moon with a couple, a fabulous couple of Virgos! did i spell that right? Andrew Bunin’s 60th b-party! Interesting…his 2 favorite cousins, both fellows! And his male circle members. And circles of folks I know. I am the adopted 6th sister to a clan of women! stories…of Andrew sleeping near railroad tracks in Denver…when his music and guru came on!

    Andrew, did I get this right?

    ‘Karen, how do you know Andy?”

    “I don’t….have only known and respected his calling himself ANDREW.”

    That brought up some interesting topics with the new folks I am meeting.

    Finally, someone said to me, and I do not mean to disrespectful….”I had a very difficult time, even to this day, calling him Andrew.”

    With a name like Karen, especially Karen King, I have been called CAROL KING so many times. Not that I haven’t been up on a roof!

    WHAT IS IN A NAME? more than one bargains for! Life in a family clan? Oh, yummie!

    When one changes ones name, there mUST be a reason!

    Andrew owns his name. He shines into community with family counseling, playing bass guitar and teaching that. He leads Men’s Circles.

    I am honored that when we were in within a couple of feet together through this night, that he gave me a Papa Bear Hug and told me how much he loves me. As I love him, one of his Mama Bears out into this wild and wooly world we are in!