Hi Karen,

For more than a year, I have been plagued by psychic attacks from my ex-boyfriend. Even though my mother has done the healing she knows how to do, the issues have not resolved.  I also work at a maximum security prison and have picked up entities.  My mother has been able to remove them.  

My mother has done healing for the following:

(Works with my healing team and hers)

Removing cords and weapons (new ones often go right back in)

Removed black sticky tar like residue from my body where cords & weapons were

Removing and destroying entities

Asking Ayesha (Jesus) to seal and remove any and all portals, including in my bed and the house

Clearing all my chakras

Asking that I be connected to Source and filled with Divine love

We have also collaborated and cleared many limiting beliefs, including traumas and emotions from this lifetime and any lifetime, from this dimension and any dimension

Also cleared self-critical thoughts internalized from media, family, friends, etc.

(The thinking behind that is those thoughts can have a lower vibration that would be a matching energy for the psychic attacks, which would allow the cords and weapons in.)

The shields we have put up, don’t last long.  They break as soon as I get stressed.

My mom has also done remote healings on my ex-boiyfriend. It seems to help if she works on him before she works on me. She has cleaned out his chakras, negative thoughts from around his head, negative emotions from his solar plexus (front and back) Cleared entities, cleared some layers of trauma from childhood sexual abuse. She has prayed for him.  She was putting positive thoughts in his AJNA (3rd eye) to help him heal from the pain of loss and to move forward. About 4 months ago, the psychic attacks got worse and I could feel anger from my ex, so she stopped putting in positive thoughts. About one month ago, my mom was doing a remote healing on Albert and realized an entity was all the way inside Alberts body, so she removed and destroyed it. 

I have chronic pain and limited mobility due to these psychic attacks.  We have tried everything we know. I hope the above information is helpful.

Thank you, N.

KAREN: Where are you located?  Have you looked over my website and have an idea of what you want? 

Your challenges are ones I work with all the time for over 30 years. 

Look over the website KarenRiceKing.com and let me know.  I see clients one-on-one is South Boulder.  Intake appointment is $250 and lasts 2 hours. 


I’m in Ca. I contacted you after I looked at your website. I saw that you do long distance clearings. I would like to have all cords and weapons removed and a shield that prevents future attacks.  I want my ex boyfriend’s psychic attacks to stop. I want to be pain free. 
Do you do remote healings? 

KAREN:Absolutely!  $350 up front.  You will be place in my ACTIVE FILE for a calendar year!  3 assessments, 21 clearings over the year.  When a completion occurs I sent you the data by mail and we spend a half hour going over it all while I am testing you on the phone.  

Very successful!  Let me know when you want to start!  I take credit cards…send through FRIENDS & FAMILY to Karenriceking/Paypal.com.  Otherwise I will have to charge you the transaction fee.

Or mail postal money order to Karen Rice King, PO BOX 785, Louisville, CO 80027.

Let me know which you are doing and when you do it and I will start right away on you.  I need your full name now, at birth, where you were born and date and time.

I look forward to teaching you also along the way how to bolster your energy field and how to work on changing your SOUL CONTRACTS with folks.  ALL INCLUDED! 

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