Once an Apprentice and I had gone to a property, tested it for the owner and gone over cost, a contract was sent by email and agreed upon.

In 1996 I started my paid Apprentice program for other people interested in the work. The trainings I was doing back then was mostly for home owners who wanted to save money and do the installing and dowsing themselves. This saves a lot of money for the client.

By 2000 and soon after we started to see more and more changes to the number of copper clad L-rods needed on a property.

We mitigated the negative polarity Geopathic Stress lines (Earth energies such as underground water, fault lines, heavy metals in the drinking water and high mineral and clay in the soil).

We did this by walking around the home in a clock wise direction where we had determined with the owner the installation would be done.

We used GREEN flags for the Geopathic Stress and BLUE flags for the Hartmann Stress.

We mitigated the negative polarity Hartmann Stress lines (man made interferences like electrical grid, WiFi, cell towers, baby monitors, computers and cell phone towers) coming into the property and house from the South and West side.

Then, in 1996, here in Colorado, Slim Spurling, my mentor and colleague started telling me to tell my paid Apprentices that we must mitigate and install our copper clad L-rods for the Negative polarity Geopathic Stress lines on all four sides of the home and property.


This is when I learned that the major plates of the Planet, like the ones that caused the Tsunami in Thailand years ago, are all moving more noticably than was previously recorded by Geologists and other Scientists.

Hence, Slim said we needed to install the Geopathic Stress now on all 4 sides of the property and home.

Yet we could keep the Hartmann Grid mitigated with the lines coming into the property on the South and West only.

As we flagged out the property, the usual pattern was that we would see the Hartmann (man made stress) alternately 8 feet to 10 feet apart from each other.

The same was true with the Geopathic Stress.

By 2002, these flags started to be seen right next to each other instead of 8 feet to 10 feet apart. The BLUE and GREEN flags were growing closer and closer together.

We used Green flags to represent where we were going to install for Geopathic Stress (Earth energies). We represented the Hartmann Stress, named after a Physician in Germany, with Blue flags.

When I asked Slim why these would be running parallel to each other all of a sudden, he explained it was due to the increasing stresses occurring with the Earth and with all the technology growing in country.

By this time in Slim Spurling’s life he had pretty much given up hammering rods in the ground. He had created Light Life(R) Tools to use instead. I had been one of the many volunteers to try his tools and report back to him what I was “sensing” that they were helping me with.

As I am unable to put a photo in here, you may call me and I can send you over my computer of a photo of what we were finding.

The Geopathic and Hartmann lines were only inches a part.

Consequently, in our drawings of the finished home, the density of this ocurrence prompted me to start calling the lines DOUBLE WHAMMIES. And where these lines intersected ended up being as before. The most congestion in the home was always going through the bed in the Master bedroom. Also, through the desk and chair in the home office.

If the complaints included immune issues or behavioral challenges with the children or the pets, we would see congestion of these lines there as well.

If you are interested, please follow this subject by reading about FLIPPED FIELDS.


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