I was introduced to SOUL RETRIEVAL by my mentor and now colleague, Sandra Ingerman. She wrote and published a book while she was still at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner titled: “Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self”. That was out in 1991 and I started working with Sandra in 1992 after a traumatic car accident and while my Mother was aging ‘ungracefully’.

Well, the book has been republished and for a fabulous reason! SOUL RETRIEVAL work that I trained in REALLY helps people!

In the late 1970’s I ran a PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM at the Free School in Boulder, CO. As a full-blown psychic due to a diving accident in 1972, I was able to see “holes in people’s AURAs”. When I met Sandra and started her GLOBAL SHAMANIC TEACHERS Program, I realized that these are the exact same holes I was seeing the energetic systems (human bodies) I was putting my hands on at work in my private practice in the early 1990’s. SPIRIT PIECES!

I was used to working with the CHAKRAS and the BODIES of the human systems in my clients and now I was learning to train others in how to do this!

To keep this simple, let me say that the way in which I work is similar to Native American ancient ways but with the icing on the cake! My Sprit Helper, Chenauknau, often times takes the pieces we or he has gathered to a Sacred Place and washes the pieces before giving them to me to blow back into the client.

So, after I tell my client the story of the SOUL RETRIEVAL JOURNEY I was on, I have them lay back down, with the holes filled with pieces and I balance and seal them back in their AURA with the help of my Psychic Surgeons.

The additional beauty of this compilation of my work, is that multiple pieces may be returned in one session. Now, this is going on the theory that we have 144 pieces to every MAJOR CHAKRA.

So, if you feel like “something is missing?”, please read this book by Sandra and call me for an appointment when you’d like to try this.

You will go home with a small Medicine Bag with sacred things in it to help you also.

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