What We’ve Agreed on: NEW CONDO OWNER (12/16/18)

Thank you Karen. That all sounds fine.  I am on a tight budge at the moment so I would just want to start with your assessment of my property and the very basic initial things you would recommend to improve the space (if you don’t feel the space is a lost cause from an energy standpoint).  If the double Egyptian kit is what it would take to improve the space right now, then I’m ok with that cost.  We can always revisit this later and add more to improve the space as needed down the road as well.

I am a very sensitive person so it can be quite a challenge for me to feel healthy in any building environment (previously made ill by toxic black mold).  I’ve been working hard to address all possible air quality and EMF issues within this condo space and I’ve also had a feng shui reading done on the space with some suggestions on placement of crystals, etc.  I’ve made a lot of progress but haven’t completely resolved the issues it seems.  I just happened to learn about dowsing and from what I hear some spaces just naturally have such strong negative energy zones that the people have no choice but to move out.  More than anything I just wanted to check to see if my space had any such extremely negative zones that can’t be improved….as well as suggestions to improve the health of the space overall.

Just let me know if you want to go ahead and schedule a time to come out to the condo this week. Thank you!  Jon


Jon, of course I will come and test and spend a full 45 minute appointment with you showing you drawings of houses and condos and what we are dealing with. You are now a home owner, right?  A lot needs to be addressed and let’s do it face-to-face!

You are working hard at this and I admire your courage!  It is daunting, really.  I am a home owner.  There is always something.  Yet, life becomes easier and more simple when we have a SAFE and SACRED SPACE to rest and recharge in everyday.

Not sure if you read so far as to see that I do MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH work as one of Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic practitioners and Global Shamanic Teachers. I teach it as well.  You may consider buying that book!  It is a fabulous guide to self awareness of a frequency we don’t find available much.   I have done a spiritual/psychic process with clients for over 30 years called the LONG DISTANCE CLEARING as well.

Yet my job is to empower and guide you to take the ‘steering wheel’ as soon as possible!  And get on to THRIVING and not simply surviving.

There is NO LOST CAUSE involved.  There is always help available to us when we need it.  You are taking some fabulous steps and your own protection or Inner Wisdom has guided you to me and my team.

In ALL the years, and hundreds of situations I have been in with clients, I have only asked one person if they would consider selling.  They said yes.  We did work so that they felt ok about selling a ‘sick home’ to someone else.  And guess what?  They fell in love with their home and stayed.

I will call you tomorrow.  Play with your new knowledge thus far, but you don’t need to spend much time on it until after we meet.  All the Feng Shui, as I have worked with dozens of very talented Feng Shui practitioners over the years, will be the ICING ON THE CAKE!

This MOLD, is it in your home there? We will deal with this together HEAD ON!

Oh, I do take credit cards though I don’t advocate for them.  I also am at liberty to take a discounted cash donation to my Ministry/Research if that interests you.

Rest easy for now.  See you soon!  Karen


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