I suppose you are back in Germany? For the Christmas you have loved there for so, so many years?

I know what road or path you are on! Yet every step we make, IS OUR OWN STEP.

The Dna is there, yet ALL folks like you and I know that there IS AN OVER-RIDE! I simply refer to DEATH OF ANY SORT, A Merge with the IMAGE in the MIRROR.

Let me know what you think…as I have 2 books way along ye t…………hanging out there………

A Magical Moment, when the Helping Spirits start to dance, when our ANGELS and spirit ANIMALS come around us, showing themselves as they ‘twiddle THEIR thumbs, as I did and still do, in order to dowse or DIVINE what is true for me.”

Blessing you, your beloved and all your pets, properties, musical instruments. All your Aquarian Visions! And particularly, your reconnection with YOGANANDA.

Just so you know and may share with your mate, Many, Many Native tribes and conclaves are calling the energy coming in CHRIST or Cristos.

I may add here, that the Patriarchy has failed, the TRUTH IS EVERYWHERE! It is time to get back into the GARDEN OF EARTH, and quit “disking” around with the change in our pockets. It is TIME TO OWN OUR PLANET! And get out ‘hands dirty’, creatively, as we PLANET EARTH LOVERS touch this Planet RIGHT NOW! And not rely on our clients, students, partners, government, …RELY ON NO ONE, but yourself…..Make and keep your own connection, Soul Communication with your CORE and the CORE OF MOTHER EARTH………in other words…KEEP DIGGING!

Copywrite, RUFFLEDFEATHERS, LLc. 2012. KarenRiceKing, Dba. DeLightInSight, Ltd.

Karen Rice King, BA
Certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister
PO Box 785
Louisville, CO 80027

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