Historically, dowsing has been used for thousands of years to meet the needs of people all over the world, primarily for finding water and precious metals. In ancient China, dowsing was used in the practice of Feng Shui to locate beneficial sites for tombs of the ancestors, as well as temples, the Palace of the Emperor, and other buildings.

Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture are well established in Europe and are known as the ancient science of Geomancy in Asia. Creating safe, sacred space enhances the treatment of a wide range of health challenges, increases economic well-being, and balances many personal issues.

Dowsing is used in modern times by healthcare practitioners to create effective treatments for their clients; by agriculturalists to find water; by the police to locate missing persons and objects; by the mining industry to locate minerals, oil and natural gas; and by the military to strategize operations.


Karen has a double major in World Religion and Counseling Psychology from Western College for Women, where she was the assistant to the Chaplain. In 1977 she taught Psychic Development and Meditation at the Boulder Free School in Colorado.

Karen met Slim Spurling after a serious auto accident in 1990 in which she had sustained a critical head trauma and full body whiplash. About 8 months after the incident, Slim dowsed and installed rods on Karen’s property, and the miracles began. She resumed the ability to read with comprehension; she fully regained her speech; painful symptoms were alleviated; and her healing recovery accelerated. Karen exclaimed to Slim: “I have to learn what you are doing — please!”

Within a couple of years of working together on properties, Slim suggested that Karen coin the term “Earth Acupuncture” and start teaching it. Their work together birthed Karen’s nationally known training program in Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture. Slim facilitated Karen’s recognition as a Master Dowser with the International Dowsers Society because of her abilities to find “off-grid” negative lines on properties. Since then, Karen has taught this work throughout the United States, training apprentices and practitioners.

Karen has been a teacher for more than 30 years including Shamanism in her practice, and she completed the Teacher Training Program with Sandra Ingerman in 2004. Karen has focused her “curing” and research on ADD, ADHD, chemical sensitivities, and behavioral issues in children. She also continues to research the causes of why Colorado leads the nation in adult cases of MS, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Love & Light

Karen Rice King

Visit Karen Rice King’s testimonials for endorsements and further information on Earth Acupuncture, workshops, lectures, and training programs. 

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