YOUR DOUBTS regarding YOUR Empathic …

Sorry I haven’t emailed back I’ve been really depressed adjacent been on my tablet much because of it, ready for that feeling to go away, it’s been lasting too long. Is ur friend at the institute?


SHE IS way more than a friend.  BOULDER PSYCHIC INSTITUTE.

Her students and assistants are the BEST in BOULDER County, Colorado, anyway.

Many over 20 years who have come to me for PSYCHIC WORK/.  Are very happy.

AS I am focusing my own work in what is known as shamanism.


Who I brought in so long ago it isn’t funny…are also WORTH A CALL, a visit?

Use my name!  Please tell the truth!

I could not really help you!  Speak your truth and please, tell the whole truth.

If you want results?

I know from my own EXPERIENCE?  THAT we think or feel something isn’t quite right?

There is a time when the Truth comes out about the fear, the hurt, the way that we were treated that WAS NOT right.

Life around us?  Will change…and GRAB A TREE!  or simply sit against a TREE!

Get TRAINING on how to manage YOUR Gifts!

YOUR GIFTS, like others and like me


There is only one MOLD that was cast…YOU!

It is never easy …walking ANYWHERE!  As YOU are

Aware!  Your hurt?  Your sadness?

Is the sound of the SOUL within YOU!

I also know you are a Sensitive.

An Empathic.

I am learning from YOU!

THANK you so much!  Karen



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