Your drawing and photographs arrived….

As I used to say to Slim, ‘the rods are like my double terminated crystals, placed in the ground, mapping out a sacred symbol, or just GUT feeling! WE will know WHERE WE ARE.”

Having a breakfast that lasted, we found out that my new friend IS PLACING amethyst and I am PLACING? Copper rods, with surgical steel centers….? Or more specific, the center is mixed metal, unless otherwise ordered from the client.

How is it that we MINE this Earth and replant what we have? WOOD dowels, Rebar? What is the message for we who dare touch and penetrate this Planet? This is not FOOTBALL. This is EARTH ACUPUNCTURE DOWSING.

The “penetration” is an ISSUE. Is the land sacred and who has rights? Is anyone looking for diamonds? GOLD? The work I am eternally committed to, is my connection with this Planet Earth. While I am here.

As we all deal with the penetration of our MOTHER…and SPACE…we will get a chance to sit down to dinner and talk it over…..with OUR FAMILIES…I love the new term FRACKING…exactly.

I will never forget when my Mother went into my 1967. .. She got into my journal like mice get into my birdseed. She asked me, “What is this word Folk?” I am now not only FOOKING, yet living one more day, as the kids in Erie, Colorado are ? FRACK!

See you in the NEW EARTH…Karen

On 3/24/13 7:19 PM, “Nannette Chisholm” <> wrote:

Hey Karen,

Well thank goodness! I agree, the fairies are messing with us!

Maybe there is a sacred timing thing happening with the progress in setting those rods. Dawn and her family flew to Kauai today for a vacation, and I think she is going to have some powerful energetic releasing happening while there, in regards to truly letting go of their old property.


Send the rods to
Nannette Chisholm
2750 Notaiah Rd
Estes Parek CO 80517

and e mail me with the cost of shipping–then I will send you a check!


On Mar 24, 2013, at 4:02 PM, Karen Rice King <> wrote:

I just came into my office and sat down at the computer…checking the spam filter first AND GUESS WHAT I GOT? Yep….came in today, one set of your 3 emails!

Now, are the Fairies playing with us, or the Leprechauns? Now I cannot find your address in ANY FILE! Please send again….WILD, my friend. Karen

Karen Rice King, BA
Shamanic Healer/Teacher, Master Dowser and Ordained Minister
PO Box 785
Louisville, CO 80027

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